some stuff about me

When was that picture taken?
in the fall; can't you tell by the corduroy?

Do you still have that same haircut?
Umm, no.

What are your current musical projects?
aevidence - this is my solo project, and by that all I mean is that I am the only one who works on it. I write, perform, record, produce etc etc all the music.

enemies of enormity - this is my band. There are two of us - myself and Ari Meyers - and we released a cd in late 2003 called 'apply within'.

What instrument(s) do you play?

Why are you running this music blog?
Mainly I started this blog so that I could draw more people to my site and hopefully have them listen to my music. So it's a big marketing ploy. But also it's fun to write stuff about music and to create a little community of people who are interested and interesting.

Are you looking to involve other people in your projects?
I would love to work with an engineer or producer type or other musicians to flesh out and improve on my songs. To date I have been much more interested in writing, playing and recording than looking for people to involve in the project, and hence it hasn't happened. I'm not opposed, but am particular.

What equipment do you have in your studio?


    Gretsch/Slingerland jazz kit
    Steinway upright
    Kawai K1
    Roland JV1080 rack synth
    Alesis D4 electronic drum brain
    Selmer trumpet
    various percussion
    Ampeg 'Big Stud' (I kid you not) bass guitar
    my cousin's Fender electric guitar (don't tell him - I think he's forgotten)

Recording gear

    Blue G3 desktop (with G4 processor upgrade)
    Digi001 interface
    Mackie 1402 VLZ PRO mixer
    various mics, mainly SM57s


Do you ever think about visuals to go along with your songs?
As a matter of fact, I have been thinking a lot recently about experimenting with video. I am thinking about getting myself a digital video recorder and messing around with iMovie. I am not opposed to collaborating either as working with someone who has experience with this sort of thing (or at least has the equipment) could be a great thing.

Do you have a cd out that I can buy?
Yes! I have two cds out currently. 'words and voices' is the first cd from aesthetic evidence and is available to listen to and purchase at Additionally, you can purchase the cd from my band, enemies of enormity, if you would like. Hell, you might as well just go and get both.

Are you interested in getting a record deal?
Well, yes, I am interested in getting a deal of some sort, but I am not sure exactly what sort of deal I am looking for. I suppose a traditional record deal would be one option, but I would be happy to get support in the form of collaboration with musicians, the help of a producer, engineer, recording studio, you name it.

Do you ever play your music live?
I have not yet, but hope to sometime. I am a one man outfit with aesthetic evidence right now and Ari lives in Berlin. And honestly I'm not sure what form I would like to see my music take onstage. This is an issue that I think about a lot and hope to one day come to some conclusions about what approach would be worth trying out. Stay tuned...