June 15, 2005

tuning my life

I've had a lot of things break recently. I hate it when things break. I have the unfortunate sort of personality that not only obsesses over trying to fix things myself, but also won't just let the problem go and focus on something else. These things eat at me and drive me crazy until they are fixed. It got to the point where I had so many things that needed to be fixed that I broke down and called in the professionals for a number of them. First, here's the list of problems:

- Digidesign 002 power harness busted (fixed myself with replacement part from Digi)
- vacuum cleaner (disassembled and determined which part was broken and ordered new part today from Sears Parts Direct)
- lawn mower (cleaned gas and replaced air filter; then mowed lawn)
- clothes dryer (no heat! unable to re-light pilot and afraid to mess around with gas appliances TOO much)
- chimney in need of cleaning (no way in hell I'm going to try this one)
- two horribly out of tune pianos, including one with a number of action issues (I have too much respect for these gorgeous instruments to attempt anything on my own)

So today I am getting things fixed. Despite the significant outflow of cash, it has felt really nice getting things back into working order. It's almost like my whole logistical life had gone way flat and as the tuner cranked his wrench and the pitch raised, life feels better and seems to make more sense.

Here it is, sped up for your consideration:

one minute tuning


On a related note, it cost me just about the same to get a piano tuned as it did to get my chimney swept. The piano tuning took about an hour and a half of highly trained, musical attention for each piano. The chimney sweeping took 20 minutes of grunt labor with no special equipment. This world is so backwards!

Posted by halsey at June 15, 2005 10:31 AM
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