July 28, 2005

one plus one equals zero

Sometimes alone is better than together. This is what I learned at the Elvis Costello show I went to over the weekend. I am not a huge Elvis fan by any means, but, having seen him once before, I did know what an incredible musician he is and how professional and entertaining his performances are, so I was psyched to go check him out at the Bank of America Pavilion last Saturday. And what I thought would make it more interesting and better, he was to perform with Emmylou Harris. You see, I like Emmylou and saw her at the Boston Folk Festival a few years back and enjoyed the performance, so I figured this combination would only provide for an even better show.

I was wrong.

It was actually really strange to watch these two great musicians, backed by the ever-talented Imposters deflate the entire vibe that Elvis had created on his own. I literally thought the tent was going to collapse a few times given the lack of inspiration below. Elvis opened the show on his own and was rocking out like he does to new and old tunes. I was feeling it and having a good time until the blonde and waifish Emmylou stepped on stage. Everything slowed down, the intensity vanished and we were left with molasses country. It was almost like how Dave Navarro ruined the Chili Peppers. Well, almost.

At times I felt as though this was due to them simply not having practiced together much, but other times it just seemed like their worlds refused to mesh. Perhaps as they play more dates together they will figure out a way to make it work better. Or perhaps they felt it worked fine. But for me, I would have much rather seen Emmylou play an opening set and then get out of the way for Elvis.

Posted by halsey at July 28, 2005 10:51 PM
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