May 07, 2004

people feel, like ducks float

I have just finished another song, which is, in fact, part two of my Words and Voices project. I've had a hard time with this one for many reasons (some unknown), but I feel that it is at a point where I can share it with you. I fear it might be too obscure for anyone other than myself to like or be able to identify with. You'll have to let me know.
And I wanted to do an experiment of taking questions and comments in a more public forum than I have done in the past pre-aeblog. So listen to from us to me and ask me questions and make comments. I promise to answer them in one way or another.

Here are some from a secret source to get you going:

Who is that speaking?
I'm glad you asked that because this is important. The recording is of me interviewing my grandmother for a school project when I was 13. We were studying genealogy and my teacher (thank you Mr. Davenport!) required us to interview four family members with a set of questions he provided. After my grandmother died in 1989, I gave the tape to my mom.

There are so many words being spoken at the same time. I can't understand them all! What should I do?
Well, you could complain to me and if it seems like a consistent problem, perhaps I'll do something about it. Or you could listen multiple times and focus on a different line each time. Headphones helps as voices are spread out in the stereo field.

Why does it sound like you don't know how to play the piano?
Well, umm, I'm not glad you asked this question, but I said I'll answer anything. Truth be told, I do not have a clue how to play the piano, but I love the instrument and am lucky enough to have a Knabe baby grand at home. It's a great instrument for composing.

What is the deal with the ducks?
Another good question. Somehow ducks inhabit my subconscious. No follow-up questions allowed...

What's up with the melody at the end?
OK, no more giving stuff away.

Are you very, very well behaved?
less so every day.

Posted by halsey at May 7, 2004 10:32 AM
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