June 10, 2004


First of all, THANK YOU to those special people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and were forced to record words for me. You formed the basis of this song. Please don't sue me; you won't get much!
I realize that I stand a chance of alienating the majority of my fanbase with this one as many of you might not like how your own voice sounds, but I'm feeling risky. And believe me, they all sound great, or I wouldn't have used them. I have lots of experience making less than stellar voices sound cool, as I'm sure you are aware.
I would recommend listening to this one on headphones if you can as there's a lot of stereo imaging going on that should make some of the parts more distinct.

Here goes the Q&A for 'was she wrong hungary yuck?':

Where did all those sounds come from?
All the clapping and slamming sounds were recorded up in Maine at the end of my dock. I was up there several weekends ago and one day was completely calm and slightly foggy. For some reason, these conditions seemed to lend themselves to amazing reverb/echo characteristics throughout the bay (if anyone understands the physics, let me know!). So I got out the portable recorder and recorded a bunch of sounds. I want to record my entire kit there sometime.


Where did you get all those words?
They were graciously sent to me, unrequested, via email. I think some people call it SPAM.

How many audio tracks did you use for this song?

Who's that barking?


What is this song about? It doesn't seem to hold together lyrically.
Aha! You figured me out. Given their source, these words, not surprisingly, mean absolutely nothing. Whether or not there is meaning in the song is something I am still trying to determine.

Are there any hidden messages?

Posted by halsey at June 10, 2004 10:28 AM
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