August 27, 2004

even though I did not feel the wind

So it seems that I underestimated myself earlier thinking that I wouldn't finish this song before going on vacation. I got close enough to taste the finished product and just couldn't stop working until I got it done. Also I was having a fun time and it was going well.
I am now up on Islesboro enjoying the incredible weather and I just listened to the song again to make sure that I still liked it. Thankfully it passed the test, so it's time to post.

Download: leaf

I got help from a bunch of people on this song. First and foremost, I am using some really cool selections from the didgeridoo recording session I did with Geoff a month or so ago. I extracted a great loop that Geoff and I had played together and then used some little solo bits thrown in throughout. I think it is cool how I often record stuff having no idea what I might use it for and then am able fit it into something later on or use it as inspiration for something new. In this case, this song began with the didgeridoo loop. I built everything off of that and then used some other didgeridoo parts to add color on top.
I also got lots of help with voices. Over the past several months, I have asked a number of unsuspecting (and a few suspecting) friends to record a bunch of things, including this particular poem. I thank Hoyt, John G., Julie, Johannah, Ethan, Darcy and Margie for their voices and their willingness to participate in these ongoing experiments of mine despite the oft expressed strong dislike of the sound of their own voice. I knew I could make you all sound cool.

What's that poem about?
I'm not entirely sure. I think maybe it is just about that undefinable feeling of nostalgia that happens sometimes. The one that is totally unmistakable though simultaneously nearly impossible to describe or understand the source.

Did you write the poem?
Yes. Thank you to Peter Richards, the accomplished poet and inspirational instructor with whom I studied several years ago.

Do you really have a friend who is a leaf?
No specific leaf, although I have felt a few hints of fall up here in Maine and am really excited for the crisp weather and the forthcoming multitudes of crinkly orange.

How many drum parts are there in this song?
Two; one which is part of the didgeridoo loop and a second which is essentially the main beat. I liked my first take of this main part, but recorded it before I knew what the structure of the song would be so I ended up trying to 'franken-drum' my way to a complete drum track. This was fine for building the song, but I finally gave in and recorded a new take start to finish and (big surprise) it flowed much better. Sometimes I get too attached to little parts of songs - presumably because I hear them over and over - and then have a hard time giving them up even though I have lost the ability to judge them impartially.

Did you use the malletKAT in this song?
Yes. I played that sixteenth note synth riff with the mallets, along with the marimba doubling of this part. I actually wrote it on the malletKAT too.

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