February 13, 2006

I saw them, yesterday

I just completed the music for a short film over the weekend. Though I have written music for visuals of sorts before, this is my first official foray into this world. I actually enjoyed it quite a lot, though it was a challenge for sure. I have heard that often composers get upset having to be beholden to the director and the various on-screen cuts etc, but I thought the challenge of writing something for such a specific purpose was really interesting. And the collaboration between myself, the director/writer and producer was something very different for me, but I found welcome at this stage. I have spent so much time composing stuff with only myself to react to it along the way, it was interesting to get input from people who were equally invested but who were approaching the project with a different perspective.

The film is called 'The Fines' and is a fictionalized account of a man who returns to Boston for the first time after having lost his wife and daughter in the plane that left Boston on 9/11. It was produced by Central Productions in Cambridge and is going on the film festival circuit shortly with a screening at the White Sands Film Festival in New Mexico at the end of the month. Hopefully it will be screened at the Independent Film Festival of Boston in April, as it would be really fun to see it on the big screen and hear it in a theater.

Here's a taste of the music:

That was the credits music, so it's a bit less subtle than what's in the film itself, but is certainly related.

Posted by halsey at February 13, 2006 09:10 AM