February 20, 2006

reading list

I promised myself earlier this year that I would have a book going at all times so as to not forget how great it is to have this sort of added influence in my life. I have kept up with that promise relatively well - though I can't say I have actually read some every day, I'm not far off. Here's my most recent list:

One Good Turn - Witold Rybcynski
It's Not About the Bike - Lance Armstrong (etc)
Amsterdam - Ian McEwan
We the Media - Dan Gillmour
The Keep - Emily Wilson
Steal These Ideas - Steve Cone
When Things Start to Think - Neil Gershenfeld
My Faith So Far - Patton Dodd

Truth be told, these books were not all good. All were worth the read, but perusing 'Steal These Ideas' reminded me of why I am not very interested in big business any more. Little business is good, however. I will admit that the most surprising book on this list was the Armstrong memoir. I love to cycle and have a strong admiration for Lance as an athlete and as a person, but was skeptical that his writing would be in any way interesting. Turns out, his writing is pretty darn bad, BUT the story is so amazing, so uplifting and full of hope and poignant human interaction, that I found myself incredibly moved and inspired to be in this world. It truly isn't about the bike - I would recommend this book to anyone even if you hate cycling.

Today, I'm going to the Bedford Library to pick up a few of Paul Auster's masterpieces to dive into. I'm excited to reaquaint myself with his beautiful language and mesmerizing story-telling.

Posted by halsey at February 20, 2006 10:17 AM