March 22, 2007

Ucross #6 - remembering

I finished up listening to the MASS MoCA voices at about 1AM last night and had a great walk back to my room. Turns out that my studio is located about ten minutes walking distance away from the building where I sleep and all the residents eat. Initially I was disappointed that this was the case, thinking that it would be a pain to have to go back and forth between the two, but I will admit that I was wrong. I really like having a 'commute' and the whole 'going to work' thing provides for more focus somehow. I could drive to the studio in about 3 minutes, but I have really been enjoying walking across the huge pasture that lies between the two groups of buildings. There is a chained gate on either side to prevent the current grazers (sheep right now, but clearly cows at some point in the past) from wandering.

So my walk back last night was wonderful. It had cooled off and the sky was this azure color with a sliver of moon winking at me like it was trying to seduce me into doing something against the rules. Not that there are many rules out here... I tried to take a picture of it, but as seems to often be the case with my photography skills, it just wasn't happening. It was so quiet too. Initially, I could hear the stream that snakes behind my studio, but that faded leaving only my footsteps and occasionally those of the herds of wild rabbits darting around.

Today, I feel like I have moved to New York, as I have been listening to voices from the Chelsea Art Museum and P.S.1. It brings back the whole experience of these events, some of which were good, and some not so good. Chelsea was sadly on the not-so-good side of things as there simply weren't any people at the museum. I think I got 9 people all day, and when you compare that to the hundred plus I recorded at the ICA, it's kind of pathetic. But it was certainly less hectic, and I had a great parking spot.

I had forgotten that part way through the tour, I changed up the questions a bit, so that was a nice surprise. I think I like the new questions better; they seem to be somehow eliciting more interesting responses. One person went off on how immoral it was for the MET to charge a $20 entry fee. Art is for the people; but only if you are rich!

I am blogging early today because I'll be heading into the big city of Buffalo tonight back to the lovely Occidental Hotel to check out the free-form music they'll have going on at the attached Occidental Saloon. Apparently every Thursday, all musicians from 100 miles around, converge and play together. Whatever happens depends on who shows up and what they feel like playing. I'm psyched to check that out. I think I have convinced a bunch of the other residents to join me on this excursion. Will report back tomorrow!

Posted by halsey at March 22, 2007 04:22 PM