March 25, 2007

Ucross #9 - excursion to neighboring metropolis #2

Every Friday, one of the staff at Ucross has the exciting job of taking the residents on a town trip to either Buffalo or Sheridan. Last Friday, it was Sheridan, so I decided to join not only to explore a new town, but in hopes of finding presents for people back home. How can I spend two weeks in Wyoming and not return with at least a few tastes of the wild west to share?

Turns out Sheridan is a pretty depressed (depressing) town, or at least this is the impression I got. I only walked around on the main drag, but half of the stores I went into were either in the process of down-sizing or were having a clearance sale in advance of shutting down for good. Sheridan has a population of about 14,000 people and is the fourth largest town in Wyoming. 14,000 would probably be the fourth *smallest* town in Massachusetts. I think the entire state has less than half a million.


In any case, the one encouraging part about Sheridan was King's Saddlery. This place was amazing. It had a store selling any kind of horse paraphernalia someone who knows about this sort of thing could imagine as well as a shop where they made ropes for lassos and then if you were brave enough to cross the alley behind the store, you could check out the King's Saddlery Museum.


Don King, the owner of the place, was apparently one of the best leather craftsmen and rope makers of his time, and his company has kept this reputation going to the present day. The museum has about a thousand saddles from the past 150 years as well as some other historical equipment and tools and a bunch random stuff. So this made me feel better about the prospects of the town, though it didn't help in my present search. Thankfully, Dan's Western Wear and the Crazy Woman Trading Company provided some good gifts. But I'm not giving any hints in case the recipients are reading...

Posted by halsey at March 25, 2007 02:33 PM

This is great! Thanks for posting this info about Sheridan.

Posted by: littlemoney at March 26, 2007 07:17 PM
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