March 24, 2007

Ucross #8 - scoring

I waded through the voices from the penultimate BYOV Museum Tour event at the DeCordova yesterday and it felt good. The ICA event is the only one left, but it's a biggie; over one hundred voices recorded. It's going to take a while, and I feel the need to not only split it into two days, but to take a break from the listening before diving in.

Today, I worked on scoring pieces for my performance at the Boston Cyberarts Festival. It felt great to be finalizing certain aspects of these pieces for the live performance. There is something very different about my music in the live setting than in the studio. Of course, this is always the case to a certain extent, but it seems more significant here. Pete and I have worked out how to play most of the pieces on our own, but when we add the strings and horns (and the associated personalities and schedules of the players!), things get more complicated and require a more concrete approach. I like to keep the live pieces as flexible as possible so that we can all create something slightly new each time, but this becomes harder with more musicians. All Pete and I have to do is look at each other while playing to communicate what we want to do, but with a bunch of other players with whom we have not played very often, this becomes nearly impossible. This said, the advantages of having real musicians playing real instruments during the performance far outweighs the downside.

So here's a page from 'The Clouds':

Today marks the mid-way point of my trip out west. I feel like I have accomplished a bunch of stuff thus far, but there is much more to be done before I head back to Boston. Hopefully tomorrow I'll make a big dent in the additional 7 pieces I need to score and then I can tackle the ICA.

And I almost forgot the most exciting thing I did today: my laundry.

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