Speak Out: Musicians Must Unite to Keep Culture Free


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It is imperative that we as musicians become involved in educating the public that filesharing can be beneficial to us as well as society as a whole. Thank you for your interest in spreading this important message in a way that we, as musicians, excel: communicating through music.

All I need you to do is record yourself saying the below text and send the results to me.   Please note that I do not want you to say anything you are uncomfortable saying.   It is very important that everything I use in this song is genuinely felt by the speaker. Otherwise, it loses its efficacy entirely.  

Below is the text that I plan to build the song out of, but feel free to be creative if you want.   You can say the statements several times at different speeds or different emphasis as you desire. Hell, you can even sing it!

Unfortunately, I have little choice but to request that you record the legal language giving me the right to use your recordings in my music.   This peace of mind is essential for the creative process, as I'm sure you understand! It protects you as well as me.

Legal Necessities: My name is <state your name here>, and I agree that this recording may be used by Halsey Burgund for the explicit purpose of creating music with a pro-filesharing message.   I understand that this music will be created and distributed at the sole discretion of Halsey Burgund and I will at no time in the future attempt
to impede or influence this by claiming any rights to the recordings.


My name is <state your name> of <state band name or whatever else is appropriate here>.

I am a musician and I support filesharing.

Please tell me why filesharing is a positive thing for you as a musician and why you are lending your voice to this cause. <state your thoughts...>

How do I make the recording?

I have made this easy for you. All you have to do is fill out the below form with your information, click submit to go to a personalized recording page and follow the directions. None of the below information is required. However, it is very helpful for me to gather it so that I can tag your submission as well as include it on the Contributions page. Please enter as much as you are comfortable with. I will not give your email address to anyone.

email address:
band website url:
geographic location:

What is the plan for the music that these recordings will eventually be used in?

  • First of all, I will release all music under a Creative Commons license such that anyone can copy, distribute, sample etc. it for their own purposes. I will also let Downhill Battle do whatever they would like with the music.
  • Secondly, I plan to (with permissions, of course) post all the recordings I get for other musicians to use within their own music. It would be amazing if together we could produce a whole album of songs created from the voices of musicians speaking out for cultural freedom, artistic progress, and fairness in business practices.
  • Thirdly, who knows? You tell me. This is a communal project, and I am all ears.
Thank you very much for your participation.   I will be in the process of collecting many voices before I can begin to write the music, but this project is a priority for me.   I am excited and honored that you are willing to join me directly in this fight.
Please join the mailing list to receive updates on this project by sending an email with the word 'subscribe' in the subject line to musiciansunite@aevidence.com.
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